In the Global Community

Since 1997, we have been exploring many exciting destinations around the world with our students. Together we have seen exotic places, taken part in daring adventures and risen above our personal fears and notions of what is achievable.

But at the heart of every expedition are always the friends we meet and the people we interact with. Over the years, we have built lasting relationships with local communities who not only make our adventures memorable, but whose efforts and hospitality make everything possible

In each of our destinations, our network of local facilitators and institutional affiliations allow us to create new activities, scout new locations and explore new ideas so that you can carry out your ideal expedition. At the same time, they collaborate with us in implementing our community service programs to address various local problems at a grass roots level.

Giving back

We at North Star believe that getting actively involved is vital for young minds to realize their own potential and empower them to make the world a better place.

Giving back to the communities where we work and play provides our students with a profound sense of connectedness, cultural awareness and appreciation for life. It is also often pivotal in setting the tone for a lifelong dedication to service and accountability.

Our community service branch was developed in 2003 to address community issues in partnership with local non-government organizations and Youth Ministries. Since then, we have been working together to organize on-going programs that benefit community centres, underprivileged or special need schools and orphans of Aids. Many of our schools use our community service projects as a vehicle for the completion of their CAS programs.

Whether it’s crafting murals for primary school walls, designing a garden or simply coming up with a fresh approach to raise funds – We continually challenge our students to use their initiative and find new creative ways to respond to community needs.