Hong Kong

Often referred to as the place where “East meets West”, Hong Kong is many-faceted and has embraced influences from various peoples and cultures. Its name, which translates to “fragrant harbour”, is said by historians to have been inspired by its export of fragrant incense long ago.

Hong Kong’s culture reflects a fine balance between its Chinese roots and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. While recognized as one of the more progressive and luxurious cities in the world; about three quarters of Hong Kong is actually rural landscape, and pockets of wilderness are always just a stone throws away.

From mountain ranges blanketed with grass to sandy beaches and deserted islands; Hong Kong has rugged natural scenery to offer the avid explorer. Much of its land area is reserved as country parks or nature reserves which are home to a wide variety of animals and more than 1,000 species of plants – a testament to the Hong Kong’s dedication to the preservation of its natural environment.

With sports as such as such an important part of Hong Kong’s culture, the city is known as the capital of sporting events in Asia and is the leading centre for the International Rugby Sevens Tournament.



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