Renowned for having been home to the now extinct Dodo bird, the Republic of Mauritius is an island nation off the southeast coast of Africa in the southwest Indian Ocean. Together with the Reunion and Rodrigues islands, Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Islands and has its capital at Port Louis.

After a long history of European colonization, Mauritius gained independence in 1968 and is now a blend of diverse cultures and religions. The population consists of Hindus, Creole, Chinese, Muslims and Europeans.

The coastal regions of Mauritius are typically tropical with forests in its mountainous areas. The warm climate, varied terrain and stunning scenery are ideal for Duke of Edinburgh Awards Expeditions.

North Star works closely with the Mauritian Ministry of Youth to collaborate for various community service projects. This includes on-going projects with a school for handicapped children, a special needs school, a community centre and a pre-primary school for children coming from the poorest communities.