Apart from our expansive, purpose-built residential centers, North Star offers an extensive and ever expanding list of adventure destinations across the globe. Each destination is carefully handpicked and thoroughly vetted to make sure it not only offers unique natural landscapes, seclusion and individuality but also easy access to crucial amenities.

We pride ourselves on our relationships with local guides and our trips are always informed by local collaboration. This special blend of enthusiastic teaching and leadership from our certified instructors with thorough local knowledge means that we can offer diverse and unparalleled experiences in otherwise lesser accessed locations.

Before launching any adventure trip, the sites are surveyed to assure facilities and safety measures are met by North Star standards.

Every destination provides a unique platform for a range of different activities that can be tailored to suit groups of all different ages; from soft adventure like climbing, abseiling, navigation and short treks, to more challenging activities for the more eager adventurers. These may include anything from white water rafting, mountain biking and zip wires to trekking and survival education. All adventure activities can be offered at different levels too, so access to our full list of activities is never limited by age, with an itinerary that is tailored to suit you.