Health & safety


Safety comes with our track record of having provided trips for almost 15 years. It is paramount and overrides all other considerations. Our enthusiastic team of professionals are actively involved in reviewing safety standards, operational skills and procedures to ensure that the highest level of service and safety is offered and maintained.

  • All our staff are experienced in their fields of expertise and are qualified to international standards
  • All our staff are trained in emergency first aid and response procedures; and are on hand to prevent and deal with any incident
  • We personally undertake risk assessments for each and every activity in all our trips, and these are constantly under review
  • Our policy of offering one free teacher slot for every ten students ensures a high adult to student ratio allowing for maximum student supervision
  • Where possible, our trips and activities take place within an accessible time and distance from an international standard hospital for which we have prepared emergency procedures in place
  • Internationally recognized safety equipment are provided for all activities
  • All our internationally outsourced operators adhere to our strict safety standards and have local knowledge and experience with school groups
  • We individually insure all of our participants on overseas trips and we have a general policy to cover all aspects of our activities